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The Old School Rewind

Sep 27, 2019

What Did Morris do after leaving "The Time"? Let's rewind!  Color of Success is the 1985 debut album by the funk/R&B singer, Morris Day. Released a year after departing previous band, The Time, the album is similar in style to The Time's material, even going so far as to copy The Time's formula of six songs per album....

Sep 20, 2019

Season 2, Show 2 - This week on The Old School Rewind we start our second season with the music of Morris Day and The Time. This show is great set of songs put together by the (Jay's word's from Silent Bob and Jay Strike Back) "The Motherfucking Time" This is show number 2.

Sep 18, 2019

It's time to return to the Podcast I miss so much. We took a year off and are ready to give you another 52 weeks of the Old School Rewind Podcast . Season 2 Starts Next Friday.